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How to Move to Portugal with the D-2 Visa(Startup visa)?

entrepreneus startup visa d2 portugal

If you are an entrepreneur or someone who wants to obtain a residence permit in Portugal, this may be interesting to you. How can I legally stay in Portugal? Can I get entrepreneur visa Portugal residency without any restrictions? What are the benefits of obtaining residency in Portugal? We have written this article to provide you with all the information you need about Portugal Startup Visa or what is better known as Entrepreneur Visa.

What Is the Entrepreneur Visa Portugal Program?

The Startup Visa Program is a government-supported program that allows foreign entrepreneurs to build their business in Portugal. It is one of the only programs of its kind in the European Union, and it provides easy and fast access to a residence permit for those who wish to develop their business ideas in Portugal.

Who Is the Startup Visa Meant For?

The D2 type of visa is specifically for people who wish to start a new business or join their family’s business in Portugal. There are many steps involved in obtaining entrepreneur visa Portugal status, so you should familiarize yourself with them before deciding if it is right for you.

Startup visa Portugal certificates offer plenty of opportunities for startup founders. Government supported agencies are there to provide startups with immigration help and legal support. The visa is open to non-EU citizens (such as Canadians, Chinese, Taiwanese, Indians, etc.).

Government supported agencies typically reserve Portuguese startup visas for companies who have created or are building a product focused on technology. Applicants need to demonstrate plans to market the product in Portugal. The Entrepreneur visa Portugal (D-2) is a business incubator for those who want to move and live in Portugal and do not meet any of these conditions: (1) looking for work; (2) attending school; (3) claiming an employee income. To qualify for a Portuguese residence permit, you must prove that you have sufficient financial resources and health insurance coverage to avoid becoming a burden on society or public services.

Documents Required For The Submission Of An Application

startup visa portugal d2

A startup visa Portugal residency permit requires the following set of documents:

• a passport
• bank account
• certificate of registration in INE
• medical insurance policy ( must cover the holder and his family members for at least 60 days)
• a medical certificate

The medical certificate must be from any registered practice or hospital in Portugal, showing that you do not suffer from infectious viruses. In the case of underage children, it is also necessary to attach a certificate from any school where your child(ren) attends stating that he/she is not likely to become a public charge or become dependent on social welfare benefits.

Underlying Requirements to Obtain a Portuguese Residence Permit

Foreign citizens who want a temporary residence permit need to be making €1,070 per month or its equivalent in any other government supported currency. It is also necessary for them to demonstrate that they have health insurance coverage and enough money available in their bank account so as not to become an undue burden on public funds.

Those who want to eventually obtain an entrepreneur visa Portugal status also have to prove they own property in Portugal or have family ties here. Startup visa Portugal applicants are required to stay in the country for at least three months. A Temporary Residence Permit is granted for one year at a time but can be renewed an unlimited number of times without having to reapply.

Those looking for a residence in Portugal also have to speak good Portuguese or English. In addition, they must prove sufficient financial means and be able to cover their accommodation and food expenses while in Portugal.

Guidelines for Entrepreneurs

d2 visa portugal

You are planning to establish an innovative business or form of economic activity in Portugal. The innovation you create must be genuinely new and not already commercially exploited anywhere in Europe by either you or someone else.

Personal Interview And Medical Examination

Medical Examinations are a must for everyone who wants to live and work in Portugal. The entrepreneur visa Portugal interview is done by Consular officials from Portugal Embassy, where all your documents are verified one by one. Once you have a confirmed appointment for your interview, you can then take your medical examination at a certified doctor’s office or hospital that the embassy designates.

If you are living in Lisbon, you have two hospitals to choose from for your medical exam. One is Hospital Amadora Santo António, and the other is Hospital Santa Maria. Also, for the entrepreneur visa Portugal, Schengen area in general, there are two certified hospitals in Spain. In addition, Aetna International has also certified some doctors who will do your medical examination so that you can obtain an entrepreneur visa Portugal residency.

Can You Get an Entrepreneur Visa Portugal if You Have a Criminal Record?

Your criminal record should be clean, meaning that you have no conviction or major felony charges. However, not all violations will disqualify you from obtaining a residence permit in the Schengen area under these terms.

Fees And Other Costs Associated With Obtaining Residence Permits

Many law firms charge at least €4,000-€6,000 to apply for a residence permit under a scheme such as Portugal’s. The amounts will vary depending on which scheme you are applying for and where you would like to live in Portugal. The entrepreneur visa Portugal application fee for dependents is €1,000-€2,500. It’s less expensive than applications made by self-employed people without dependents. There are also other costs associated with obtaining residence permits through schemes such as Portugal’s. Also, to bring family, the main applicant has a €532.70 processing fee, and the family members (spouse, partner, and children) pay €83.10 each for their application.

For instance, the cost for Golden Visa / Residence Permit renewals under similar programs in France, Greece, Portugal, and Spain ranges from €2,000- €2,500. This doesn’t include lawyer fees. This is an additional cost at the end of years 2 and 4, which the main applicants need to budget for, and they should consider these costs before applying. Agencies add it on top of any initial costs that you already paid when obtaining your permanent residence permit through a country such as Portugal or Spain’s golden visa programs. Firms also offer €350,000-€500,000 for Golden Visa applicants’ properties.

Your approval fee is €5,274.40, and each applicant must pay it before receiving a permanent residence permit card issued by Portuguese authorities. Also, your residency card is valid for two years and will arrive approximately 10 – 20 days from the date of payment.

Processing Timeframe For Submitting Applications

entrepreneur visa portugal d2

Allow 6-12 months for processing. After submission, you will be informed of what is missing and may have 30 days to correct any errors. It used to be five months, but COVID-19 impacted that time frame significantly. If everything is in order, there should not be a reason why the authorities will not process your application in under a year.

You may also go through an incubation period of 3 months, during which time you will have a legal stay in Portugal. In other words, after your application is approved and you arrive in Portugal, you have three months to get your company started and generate revenue. You will get a startup visa Portugal residence permit if you can prove that you are running your business professionally. This means that it must be registered at Portuguese Trade Register (CCT) or Sociedade Não Residente, i.e., Non Resident Enterprise(s). You must also make sure that there are no more than five employees for companies with two founders, while there cannot be more than ten employees if only one founder exists in Portugal at present.

Renewal Of Residence Permits For Entrepreneurs Or Self-Employed Persons

The renewal of residence permits for entrepreneurs or self-employed persons will be acceptable for a period of one year, provided that at least 183 days have passed since it you first obtained it. D2 entrepreneur visa Portugal status is renewed automatically. After spending 14 days in two consecutive years in Portugal, you will then be able to apply for permanent residency. Alternatively, you can purchase valuable property or pay into an approved state-approved investment fund of €1m over four years.

After receiving your second residency card, you will be free to take up employment and start a company in Portugal. However, you will not be allowed to work for any other company than that of which you are a co-owner. Spend seven days per year on average in Portugal until you get a permanent startup visa Portugal residence.

Final Thoughts

If you are applying to obtain a residence permit/Portugal startup visa, be prepared for paperwork. The first step is applying for a Certificate of Registration at SEF. You can then apply for an Ancillary Formalization Visa or Estabelecimento Formal, which is essentially your residency card. This card should arrive within 1-3 months after applying. The residence visa will be valid for five years, but you have to renew it every two years to keep living in Portugal.