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Advantages of Obtaining a NIF Portugal Using a Representative If you want to live or do business in Portugal, you will need a NIF Portugal document. This number allows you to do monetary transactions in Portugal whether you are a resident or live out of the country. Our business is a law firm that can help you get and maintain the documents you need to get a NIF. Then you can become someone who does business or chooses to live in Portugal.

Information About NIF Numbers

A NIF number in Portugal is also called a Number of Fiscal Identification or Número de Identificação Fiscal in the Portuguese language. Sometimes it is also called a contribution number or Número de contribuinte, but they are all the same thing. They all indicate a tax identification number used in Portugal for any of the official or legal activities you transact.

Your NIF will be a nine-digit number used to track your business transactions in Portugal. Whether you are a resident, a non-resident, or a citizen, you will need a NIF to do business. It should be used on all correspondence and appears on your tax card and citizen’s identification card as well when you receive those documents.

The Portuguese authorities will issue your NIF card when your application is accepted. This card will contain the information you will need to do business in Portugal. This process is safest with a representative who knows the process well.

There is no penalty if you do not obtain a NIF card, but it is difficult to do very much in Portugal without it. Any fiscal activity you engage in will require it. We suggest that you get your card before you begin to do business in Portugal to make your business transactions smoother and easier.

One thing you should know about before committing to a course of action. Depending on whether you live inside or outside the EU/EEA and Swiss area, it may be easier to use a representative. Application is not a difficult process, but especially if you live outside Portugal, most people find it helpful to employ a representative with the process of getting a NIF.

This is because your representative also helps longer term, with correspondence and paying taxes. There is more to applying for a NIF Portugal than just filling out forms. You should consider this factor before committing to a course of action.

Places You Will Need to Use a NIF Portugal

A NIF number is used for many kinds of transactions in Portugal. You will need it to do business with the Portuguese tax authority and to pay a tax return. You will also need it for business purchases. You will need a NIF to buy a car or obtain a driver’s license.

The NIF card is also used to inherit assets, buy property, rent apartments and attend a university in Portugal. It is needed to become employed, receive pay, or receive Social Security payments. If you want to open a bank account, pay a utility bill, or purchase a cell phone, you will need a NIF.

Here is a list of just a few of the many places a NIF is required in Portugal:

• It is needed to inherit assets from a relative or deceased person
• You must have one in buying property
• For home or apartment rental if a contract is involved
• If you attend a university in Portugal
• To become employed and receive pay
• To receive Social Security payments
• In opening a bank account
• To set up payment for a utility bill
• To purchase cell service
• To buy a car
• To apply for a driving license

Even when purchasing small items, you may be asked if you want these purchases registered to your NIF for tax purposes. If these are business purchases, it might be a good idea to streamline your taxes. It is up to you whether you use your NIF to buy small items, but the use of your NIF is not optional with bigger purchases like those in the list above.

The only time your NIF will change is if you change your status from a temporary resident to a permanent resident in Portugal. In that case, a new NIF will be issued to you. The NIF is a number that doesn’t expire either way and that will open many necessary doors for you in Portugal.

Choosing How You Will Apply for a NIF Portugal

There are several ways you can choose to apply for your NIF Portugal. You can apply in person for no charge at either the Portuguese Tax Authority, a Local Citizen Shop, or a Citizen Card Counter in the region of Portugal you are located if you are in the country. But if you do this yourself, you are in charge of future correspondence, as well as taxes. You must use a Portuguese address to do it for yourself.

You can also choose to give a representative power of attorney to get your NIF for you. Many of the more quality services to do this are law firms. If they apply by representing you for your NIF, they will also be a longer-term intermediary. They will send you your financial and tax mail and represent you for tax purposes in exchange for a yearly fee.

This can aid your interests in the long run as they can save you effort and will represent you professionally. They can also help you apply for a golden visa if you are applying for this program and want to make a significant investment in the Portugal economy. If you are applying to this program, legal representation may be a desirable choice for you to help you further.

Especially relevant since the COVID pandemic began, you can now apply online using an online service you choose. Many have formed companies online to serve you. However, these online companies tend to be volume-oriented rather than quality service firms. Because of possible fraud, we advise you to always be careful to check whether businesses located online are legitimate.

Another option is to use residents of Portugal you know, with addresses in the country. These are often friends or relatives who are permanent residents of Portugal, who agree to represent you and accept your power of attorney. But they are not professionally oriented and may be less concerned, efficient and helpful to your needs than a representative such as a law firm.

A Summary of Ways You Can Apply for your NIF Portugal:

• Doing it yourself, you must be in or go to Portugal but it is the cheapest way
• Giving a representative a power of attorney to act on your behalf
• Using an online service who are focused on volume, not quality service
• Engaging a relative or friend as a representative

Applying for a NIF Portugal, a Step at a Time

If you decide to use a legal representative to obtain a NIF Portugal, the EU/EEA, or Switzerland, you will first need to contact the firm and sign a power of attorney appropriate to your situation. Be aware that your power of attorney must be translated into Portuguese to be valid. Then the correct forms can be filled in either online between you and your representative, or by physical mail and other communication. You will then need to share a copy of a few required documents to go with your application for it to be approved.

The documents you will need include a passport or birth certificate, plus proof of address if you are living in Portugal or proof of address in the EU/EEA if you live there. The proof of address documents, such as a bank statement, can be scanned and sent electronically. If you live outside the EU/EEA, you will need all of the above, plus you must shave a copy of your passport. You will also need a copy of a proof of address where you are currently living that is less than 3 months old.

Your tax representative will turn in your paperwork and send you your NIF when it is approved. With your power of attorney complete, they will then be the party to receive communication from the tax authorities and be your intermediary to deal with your taxes, too. For this reason, it is important that your representative be a trustworthy party because they need to communicate with you promptly.

Documents Summary:

If you are a resident of Portugal, the EU/EEA, or Switzerland:

  • Power of attorney translated to Portuguese
  • Application form(s)
  • Passport or birth certificate, either is sufficient
  • Proof of residence in Portugal, EU/EEA, or Switzerland

If you are a resident of any other country worldwide:

  • Power of attorney translated to Portuguese
  • Application form(s)
  • Must submit a passport
  • Proof of residence in the country you now reside

The Golden Visa Program

In Portugal, this is a popular program for foreign investment. It began in 2012 across the European Union. You can obtain residency in Portugal through this program by investing in the country using reasonably priced options available through the program. You are required to apply, invest and spend at least a week each year in Portugal once you qualify.

To participate using this as a path to citizenship, you must invest a minimum of 280,000 Euros per year, lower in Portugal than much of the rest of Europe. After 5 years, you can apply for Portuguese citizenship, one year fewer than applicants outside the program. As a citizen, you will have visa-free access to EU/EEU and Switzerland visa-free, more than 175 countries at this point.

The golden visa also allows you to bring members of your family with you. Your spouse and children under 18, or under 26 if single and in school. You may also bring your parents, and relocate as a unified family. Living, working and studying in Portugal as a family is an additional benefit for you to consider.

Your Portuguese Tax Number

A PTN or Portuguese tax number will come with your Portuguese NIF when you receive it. This is a tax card. It contains a date of issue, your NIF number, and the regional issuing tax authority information. While there is no fee for a NIF, there is a small 6.8 Euro fee for a “Portuguese Tax Card”. It is a national id card used around the country so you should be careful not to lose it.

If you are a non-resident or temporary resident of Portugal, you will get a temporary NIF Portugal number. Then if you qualify to become a permanent resident the temporary number will be replaced with a permanent number. You will only have to pay taxes in Portugal if you live there, so working through a representative to obtain your NIF Portugal is an ideal situation for you if you do not intend to live there.

One more situation to be aware of must be mentioned. If you are applying for the golden visa program and making a significant investment in Portugal, you will need to have both a NIF Portugal and a PTN to participate. You should receive the PTN card with your approved NIF application as part of the application process for this.

Residency in Portugal

Obtaining a NIF Portugal makes you a legal resident for the purpose of doing business in Portugal whatever your nationality. You may then do business using your representative’s Portuguese address or your own Portuguese address, if you have one, or are someone who lives in Portugal. You can stay a non-resident permanently or establish an address in Portugal at your discretion after qualifying.

If you are moving to Portugal, citizenship is a possibility to consider. Just two rules to remember: three years after you marry in Portugal, or after 5-6 years depending on status, you can apply for citizenship if you wish to do so. Talk to your representative for more information about this if you are interested in qualifying for Portuguese citizenship.

You need a representative most often if you aren’t living in the country of Portugal or if you would like to have the security of representation. Give the representative from our company a call! With your power of attorney, they will submit the required documents and apply for you as your legal representative. Then you can begin using your new NIF to do the business you need to do in Portugal.