Portugal digital nomad visa

Being able to live in Portugal as a Portugal digital nomad visa holder has become a lot easier with the nomad visa that Portugal offers foreign nationals who enjoy working remotely.

Because of the increasing number of remote and freelance workers, being able to work from anywhere in the world including European countries, is now possible, with many of these remote workers being entrepreneurs or freelancers.

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By allowing foreigners the opportunity to work remotely within their borders, the economy of the host nation is able to thrive. Among the many nations allowing nomads, Portugal remains an attractive location due to the low living costs, many opportunities for a new business, and overall charm.

As a matter of fact, Portugal was placed among the best countries that many prefer to enjoy a nice retirement.

Below, we have listed the information and steps that we can assist you with as you plan your new life in Portugal.

1. The different Portugal digital nomad visa

2. Steps to take to become a Portuguese digital nomad

3. Best Portuguese cities for digital nomads

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4. Best digital nomad accommodations

The Digital Nomad in Portugal

digital nomad in portugal

Being able to work and live abroad in a nomadic manner can be a dream come true. By taking advantage of technology and needing only the power of the internet, a digital nomad remains free and lives stress-free.

Description of a Digital Nomad

Digital nomads are individuals who are free to work from anywhere.

By taking advantage of the technological advanced world, digital nomads are able to travel freely, work from distant lands, and make good earnings from anywhere.

When it comes to having freedom, the most captivating part of a digital nomad is there is no real time limit a digital nomad can spend in any country.

Of course, the time is dependent upon the country you wish to live and work in. If your plan is to spend months or even years in one country, then you will be better off obtaining a golden visa especially for digital nomads.

What You Need to know about the Portugal Digital Nomad Visa?

remotely work in portugal

The Digital Nomad Visa

It has only been recent that a digital nomad is able to legally work in a country in a remote capacity. Before, the nomad had to remain in the country as a tourist and then exit at the time the tourist visa expired and then re-enter.

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There have been many countries recently who have established visas specifically for a digital nomad all throughout the European Union and beyond. This is due to an increase in workers who are working remotely and choose to be anywhere in the world.

A few countries besides Portugal that offer a digital nomad visa are Norway, Spain, Thailand, Australia, Germany, and Dubai.

With a digital nomad visa, you will be able to save a substantial amount of time and stress if any issues with immigration arises. Plus, you will remain calm knowing that your ability to continue working remotely will be uninterrupted.

After contacting our office and scheduling an appointment, we will explain the entire visa process covering digital nomads.

Portuguese Visa Requirements

Many countries in Europe only require visas if the foreigner decides to make their home abroad for a lengthy amount of time, which is past the normal 90-day tourist visa. Let´s take a look at what we can help you with in regards to the visa process in Portugal.

Does Portugal Require a Visa?

Currently, Portugal is a European member and is also located within the Schengen area. Because of this, being a citizen of European countries or residing in a country within Schengen, then a Schengen visa will not be required for entry. On the other hand, the area you are residing from, if an extended amount of time is spent in the country, then it may be necessary to register with the host nation you are in.

Knowing that, there are some countries who are permitted to allow their citizens a chance to visit Portugal without the need of a visa for 90 days. These countries include New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Nevertheless, being from another country besides these will require a digital nomad visa for Portugal. This is especially true if your intentions are for long-term.

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With that said, knowing the types of visas that are available in Portugal can be very valuable for those nomads wishing to stay longer.

Necessary Documents Determined by Nationality

portugal work remotely

We will go over what you need to be aware that a visa could be necessary, which is determined by nationality. This will likely be the case once you have crossed into Portugal. You may also need a permit for residence, which will be determined by the location you arrive from and plan on a longer stay.

In Portugal, there is no official Portugal digital nomad visa at the moment. A digital nomad would be applying for the regular D7 visa for remote workers.

You will also need to be sure that you do not have a criminal history because a criminal history check will be conducted as part of the visa process.

Being a European Union Citizen

Residing in the European Union makes it easier to reside within Portugal. Thanks to Portugal belonging to the EU so there are no residency visaç requirements for working, living, or visiting Portugal.

Being a US Citizen

Being a US citizen allows you to enter Portugal as a tourist with a 90-day tourist visa. For a stay beyond 90 days, you will need to obtain a stay visa for 120 days. To obtain the 120-day stay, you will need to prove that you have a monthly minimum income of 1,000 Euros that will support you throughout the time you are in Portugal. Being able to meet this financial minimum is easy so obtaining the visa will also be easy.

Non-Citizens of the EU

Being a non-EU citizen will likely entail more to obtain your Portugal visa for digital nomads. Items that you will need include:

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1. Clean criminal history

2. Steady income

3. Health insurance coverage

4. Passport that is valid

Types of Portuguese Digital Nomad Visas

digital nomad visa portugal

You will love the fact that as one of many countries that permits remote working, Portugal is considered to be one of the best for a freelancer.

While there are many characteristics of a Portuguese visa, there are also significant differences between the two most commonly used by a digital nomad.

Although the visa is not officially titled as a digital nomad visa. In accordance to the immigration wording and documentation requirements, the visa is normally split into two types. The type you ultimately need to complete is determined by the amount of time you want to stay in Portugal. Below, is the most common visa we can help you with.

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The main type of visa a digital nomad uses is the following:

A Portugal Residency Visa – This is obtained if a length of stay is over a year long. It is initially issued for a 4-month period, which then a residency application needs to be submitted. Once a residency permit is obtained, the digital nomad is granted a 2-year residency, which needs to be renewed every 3 years. The digital nomad will then have access to any and all services while remote working.

So, if you feel like you will be spending a considerable amount of time in Portugal, which will be longer than a year and you have stable means being a nomad, then you will highly benefit from contacting us to help you with either the D2 or D7 visas.

To reiterate, these Portuguese visas for residency purposes allows 120 days of stay and permitted to enter and exit twice.

In the course of the 120 days, your residency application needs to be submitted to the Portuguese Immigration officials at SEF. Once obtained, the digital nomad will have a 2-year permit.

The three residency types that Portugal offers, and which we can assist with, in order for a digital nomad to achieve residency includes:

1. A D2 visa – This permits the remote worker to stay and work freely in Portugal.

2. A D7 visa – This type allows the applicant to live in Portugal while making an income that is at least the national minimum wage.

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A Portugal Temporary Stay Visa – This visa is advised if a stay lasts no more than a year. It is good for a year and can be renewed every 2 years. The digital nomad is permitted to leave and return as long as their visa is valid.

To be eligible for Portugal´s temporary stay you must be able to show proof of income that is no less than a monthly amount of €635.

The purpose is for you to be able to support yourself financially throughout your stays in Portugal, which includes your housing, food, and everything you enjoy for yourself.

By completing a statement showing responsibility, it will be your proof that fulfills this visa requirement.

All digital nomads love the Portuguese temporary stay visa due to its ability to permit remote working nomads to remain in the country with no obligation to become a resident in Portugal.

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Not only that, but the temporary visa permits the digital nomad to exit and return for as long as the visa remains valid.

So, if a digital nomad wanted to, Portugal could become their headquarters so they could then enjoy travelling to neighboring countries and continue to work.

A digital nomad can visit the nearest Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs office to obtain the necessary paperwork. Generally, the paperwork needed to complete the visa includes the following:

1. The temporary stay visa application

2. Criminal history form that authorizes to check for any criminal records submitted to the Portuguese Immigration authorities.

3. Official criminal history from home country for all adults dating back one year from date of request. Minors who are 16 years and younger do not need to have a criminal record check.

4. Valid passport

5. Clear passport-size photographs

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6. Ticket showing onward travel

7. Individual insurance for travel purposes, including health/emergency coverage and repatriation purposes.

8. Certifying document stating that the digital nomad´s situation is normal.

9. A sufficient amount of monthly income

10. Verifiable subsistence that the law recognizes

With subsistence, it is commonly known as being a declaration showing responsibility of an individual, who is a national, which is signed by the Portuguese national.

Breaking Down the D2 Visa

The D2 visa can be broken down into two categories:

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1. The Migrant Entrepreneur (D2) Visa

Portugal´s migrant entrepreneur (D2) visa is perfect for those nomads who want to run a business or to conduct business. You will need to make an initial investment in order to qualify for this visa type.

Ideally, a digital nomad who is an entrepreneur will greatly benefit when they have their headquarters in Portugal. You can then make your freelancing become your sole proprietorship while living abroad.

2. The Independent Worker (D2) Visa

If you don´t want to make an investment as an entrepreneur, the other option is to apply for the Independent Worker visa.

In order for you to take advantage of this method, a contract of services needs to be provided or a proposal of services that will be provided by you.

You can visit the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to obtain the necessary documents for the D2 visa or you can get ahold of us and save you time and a trip, which could make for a long day.

Portugal´s D7

The D7 is the other visa option that you have at your disposal and will help make your transition to the Portuguese lifestyle much easier.

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The D7 Visa for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads can take advantage of the D7 visa with no concerns of investing anything beforehand, including living in Portugal long term as freelance remote workers. Mainly, this visa is aimed at a retiree, although it can be useful for a digital nomad who only wants to work for themselves while living abroad.

The digital nomad would need to just provide proof of stable monthly income of €600 – €650 along with 6 months’ worth of bank account statements showing the income is deposited on a monthly basis.

There are several sources that the digital nomad can use to show the source of their income. Below are a few of the most common methods:

  • Any and all royalties
  • Foreign financial investments
  • Earned property income
  • Any and all dividends

Naturally, there are a lot more methods that can be used. The point of the matter is showing your verifiable income and when you do, you will be able to obtain the D7 visa as a digital nomad so that you can enjoy your life living and working remotely.

Portugal´s Attraction to Digital Nomads

There are many reasons why Portugal would be attractive to the digital nomad. Besides the sheer beauty of the landscape and hospitable citizens, Portugal has a lot to offer the foreigner.

What Makes Portugal So Attractive to the Digital Nomad?

Prior to your digital nomad application, it is a good idea to know what makes Portugal so attractive to the digital nomad. With so many reasons as to why, it just makes sense.

Below are a few of the reasons why:

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1. Accessibility and ability to visit any country within the European Union

As a European gateway, Portugal provides many causes to be famous for. This makes it a great starting point for all of your trips as a remote working digital nomad. With its location strategically placed, a digital nomad can travel effortlessly throughout Europe while also quenching a thirst of working remotely and maintaining a Portuguese home.

2. The Cultural and Historical Value

Having a profound amount of historical knowledge will help you settle into Portugal a lot quicker due to the amount of rich history and culture that Portugal contains.

In fact, the border connecting Portugal and Spain is among the oldest known to date.

As you will see, the colorful and rich culture that Portugal provides will keep you inspired so you can maintain productivity throughout the day.

3. Quality of Life in Portugal

Digital Nomads will Love the Quality of Life that Portugal Provides. In a 2019 report from Internations has Portugal listed as one of the best digital nomad locations to live in besides the country they are coming from. It was discovered that many elements were included in the report. These elements involved the following:

  • Feeling happy
  • Feeling overall secure
  • General health
  • Opportunities for leisure
  • Enjoying a digital nomad lifestyle
  • Freedom to travel

4. Wi-Fi Connectability

The Wi-Fi in Portugal is among the best for the Digital Nomad.

Being a digital nomad means you need to have the best Wi-Fi connection as possible. Not only that, but it needs to be known that it plays an important role for those with a Portugal digital nomad visa.

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With that, it is nice to know that a village exists for the sole purpose of being a digital nomad in Portugal, and it has been serving digital nomads since Feb. 2021.

Also, being able to work in a space shared with others is another great opportunity available in many Portuguese areas.

A Place to Call Their Own

Nothing is better than having a place to call your own and Ponto do Sol, Madeira allows you to do just that. Let´s take a look at why you will love it.

Portugal´s Ponta do Sol, Madeira

When it comes to the digital nomad lifestyle, Portugal lets it be known that they are loved. In fact, a village exists on the Madeira Island that caters to the Portugal digital nomad visa holder and the lifestyle they live. On the Island is a town called Ponta do sol, which has more than 8,000 residents. More than 100 remote workers can live in the town and are supplied with free internet, nice working accommodations, and nice access to the area community. The village also provides many other pursuits to enjoy that are able to make networks among the inhabitants and the area in which they live.

The Madeira digital nomad program is a collaboration between the Startup Madeira and Madeira´s government. Its purpose is to provide many benefits to the community which would result from having a digital nomad village and the overall social and economic influence it has on bringing energetic youths to Madeira as well as Portugal.

Cost of Living in Portugal

The cost of living in Portugal is one of the best in Europe and as compared to the United States, you will be spending around 65% less for everything.

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Digital Nomads Love the Portuguese Cost of Living

Regardless of being either a digital nomad or expat making Portugal your home, you will love that they have a low cost of living. This is another reason why many flock to Portugal when they decide to be a remote worker, conduct freelance work, or simply retire happily.

The cost of food in Portugal is also relatively cheap and will not cost a lot if you buy your own food or eat out. In fact, your meal could be no more than €6.

Riding the bus throughout Portugal is also affordable as compared to other countries which allow it to remain a practical choice in order to get from one place to another.

It´s a good idea to remember that Portugal´s cost of living may differ between cities so make sure to do your research before settling in.

City Life in Portugal

With many cities to choose from, you will love the ability to live just about anywhere in Portugal. With that said, it is important to understand why there is so much to love.

Digital Nomad´s Love for Portugal´s Cities

If you have ever talked to a digital nomad about Portugal, chances are they told you something about the cities there, particularly Lisbon and Porto.

Besides these, many other cities are also attractive to both the digital nomad and workers who love the remote life, which can give them more choices to make their headquarters.

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Below are the Portuguese cities best suited for a digital nomad lifestyle.

Capital City of Lisbon

As the capital, Lisbon is an obvious choice for the nomad. Besides the increased amount of activity, there is also a lifestyle unlike any other.

Having a good number of social opportunities, a great nightlife, and delicious food, the digital nomad will certainly enjoy Lisbon.

City of Porto

As Portugal´s next best city, Porto is not as busy, although it is much more reasonably priced as compared to cost of living. This is seen a lot with regards to rentals.

The main reason for being a favorite is because of the amount of space for coworking opportunities.

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City of Ericeira

Being located along the shore, you will surely have a relaxing work day all week and maintain your focus.

As a popular Portuguese city known for surfing, it is also a playground for digital nomads who love working in spaces ideal for coworking and which have great housing opportunities.

With fast Lisbon access, it is a growing favorite for the digital nomad community. Having a quick access for travel purposes is also an added benefit.

City of Lagos, The Algarve

Many digital nomads and expats love Lagos. With it located within The Algarve, this coastline is a stunning piece of Portugal in the south. It truly can be compared to paradise if the digital nomad loves to surf.

While many surfers are attracted to Lagos, it is obvious that the beach is also very attractive and is a short distance away from town. This makes it ideal for times where you need to relax and take a breather.

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There are also many spaces for coworking and cafes that cater specifically to the digital nomad.

Although not popularly known by many digital nomads, it is quickly becoming well known as time goes on.

City of Coimbra

If you are an introvert digital nomad, then Coimbra is perfect for you, especially if you have too much stress that is preventing you from concentrating on work.

With a quiet atmosphere, it is pretty far from a major city so bustling sounds and distractions won´t wear you down.

Saying that, the city of Coimbra is able to provide blue skies and a town full architecture that will provide a sense of awe as you take it all in.

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Having many options for accommodations will always make life easier when you plan to live abroad. Many hotels, hostels, and rentals are easily available for the digital nomad.

Portugal Accommodations the Digital Nomad Will Love

Because Portugal continues to become well-known in Europe for hosting digital nomads, the number of accommodations is also increasing throughout the country.

Below, we have a few accommodations that one should consider while you contemplate Portugal as being your digital nomad destination.

Homes Offering Airbnb

An Airbnb home is very popular and makes for a great long-term Portuguese accommodation. The reason is due to the good conditions, flexibility, and availability.

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Being able to decide on your length of stay with no commitment is also a plus.

Regular Rental Homes/Apartment

Regular rental homes and apartments are what many digital nomads prefer. This is because they have their own space and internet connection for work. The difference will be the amount of rent that is paid, which may depend on the city you decide on becoming a digital nomad.

A downside that is often experienced with a rental home or apartment is the amount of commitment they need to have, which is normally 30 days with the rent and deposits paid together.

For nomads who are on the move frequently, having this type of accommodation may not be the best. It may also not be worth it if you depend on a budget to live on.

Spaces Designed for Co-living (Roommates)

Co-living is a growing idea among digital nomads and a great option to share the expenses.

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This concept is basically having one home or apartment with roommates having their own bedroom but sharing use of the kitchen, bathroom, and other common areas.

Finding a roommate does not need to be difficult especially when many digital nomads will be searching for a place to live. If you are time constrained, then you can have a realtor list your space as being available and help relieve your search efforts.

You may find that there are quite a few listings looking for a roommate so the availability is there.

By searching online, you can take a look at coliving.com and see what their rates include as well as selecting a city of your preference.

Staying in a Hostel

Living on a budget means you have an accommodation that will remain friendly to your budget during the entire stay. This option is also great for those of you who are unable to remain in one spot for long.

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Living in a Portuguese hostel will include more than one bed in a room, which will decrease the amount of privacy you obtain. Regardless of that, you will have plenty of opportunity to make connections with other nomads.

To get started, do a web search for hostels located in Portugal.

Hotel Stays

Staying in a hotel is great for both short and long-term stays. They can often offer monthly rates to digital nomads, although they will often cost more in the long run. Be sure to enquire before making your accommodation.

Best Tips for Portugal

Having some of our great tips before you land will give you a heads-up of what to expect. You will also have a great advantage over others.

Digital Nomad Tips to be Aware of

With an increased amount of digital nomad’s remote working in Portugal, there are a few tips to be aware of prior to deciding on Portugal being your new home away from home. Below are a few of our best tips.

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The Portuguese healthcare is Subsidized

As a foreigner, having subsidized healthcare will save money over time and the fore nomad will benefit greatly from this.

With a completely social form of healthcare coming in the future, there will be an even greater expectancy that the number of nomads will increase.

Although the healthcare is only partially paid for now, when you become a full-time resident, you will enjoy healthcare that is completely paid.

Being a Portugal digital nomad visa holder allows you to be unrestricted in making property purchases

Obtaining Portuguese property is an effortless process no matter where you are from. As opposed to places including a restrictive process, a digital nomad will only need a fiscal number to purchase property. Your fiscal number can be obtained through a Portugues tax office.

With this being good to hear, many foreigners will surely love taking advantage of this for the long-term use.

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Portugal Is The Home of Cork

You no longer need to wonder where cork is made from! This is because Portugal produces half of the world´s supply of cork. Now you have a little more history under your belt.

The production of cork is a huge Portuguese industry. Even more, the production of cork is manufactured using methods that are sustainable and have no environmental impact.

With cork oak trees being the source for cork, it is only harvested 9 years at a time for the life of the tree, which can be as much as 265 years.

Climate in Portugal

Being temperate in nature, Portugal´s climate is heavily controlled by the Atlantic Ocean, which creates two different types of weather in the north and south. This is great because you can decide where to live based on the weather patterns.

Weather in Portugal

The Portuguese Weather Is Also What the Digital Nomad Loves. Being warm and comfortable is the best way to provide a service and the weather lets you do just that without any fear of feeling cold unexpectedly.

In fact, the sheer number of sunny days is well over 300 and with very mild winters that do not last long. You´ll enjoy the sun as you sit in an internet café smiling with the sunshine keeping you nice and toasty as you work.

The average temperatures experienced on a yearly manner can be between 58 and 75 degrees.

With a close distance of the ocean, many Portuguese locations experience a daily ocean breeze.

Conclusion about digital nomad visa in Portugal

Now that you have the necessary information to make your nomad relocation possible, you can put your Portugal digital nomad visa to good use. This also means you will have quite a few things to keep in mind.

The Portugal digital nomad visa is without a doubt a great option to consider no matter where you originally hail from. So go ahead and give us a call so you can see how much you will benefit from us assisting in your nomad visa.

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