Move to Portugal from UK

Expats give numerous reasons to move to Portugal from uk. The main reasons listed when spoken to most expats from the UK in the sunshine, the weather, and the culture. Also, people looking forward to moving to Portugal from uk usually cited the high cost of living as their primary reason to move. The cost of living in Portugal is considerably cheaper. Especially in northern and central Portugal (Feanor, Serta, and Castello Branco).

Portugal is also a very safe country with low instances of crime and violence in its cities and towns. So if you are concerned about your safety, then you should not be. Portugal has a very stable economy with high literacy and employment levels. If you are starting a new life away from your family, this is an advantage you should consider.

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move to portugal from uk

Portugal’s transport infrastructure is also very advanced and modern. You will be able to get to wherever you want without much hassle. All the necessities you require are readily available and provided by the country’s many public utility companies. The benefit of making a move to Portugal from uk is that you will have access to a diverse range of facilities and amenities that will help you rejuvenate your mind and body.

Brexit Aftermath

move to portugal from uk in the brexit

After the Brexit, the UK will still need to apply for EU permanent residence even though they have officially notified the European Commission that they are leaving the Union. Therefore, the job will be a bit more difficult still but not impossible if you play your cards right.

The best way for a British citizen to avoid a lot of red tape and hassle when getting to Portugal is to get a skilled worker visa. And stay over there permanently. If you can stay over, you can apply for Portuguese citizenship later on down the line once you have proved your proficiency with Portuguese.

Although this is the best-case scenario, it is by no means guaranteed, and you should always be careful about which country you apply to. The last thing the Portuguese government wants to do right now is cause an uproar over British citizens relocating to Portugal. The protocol will force them to continue treating them as second-class citizens after the Brexit transition.

As if they cannot get more than a thousand British people each year coming into the country via a “portal.” But the government does not seem to think very highly of the eu countries, and it’s planning for the future. Therefore, if you are British and plan to move to Portugal, you might consider applying for a skilled worker visa straight away.

Visas Issued by The Portuguese Government

Move to Portugal from UK

To relocate to Portugal, UK citizens can apply for one of four categories of Portuguese national visas. The sort of visa you apply for will be determined by how long you plan to stay in Portugal.
Temporary Stay Visa: A Portugal Temporary Visa is specifically designed to cater to those tourists who intend to stay on either a tourist or work Visa. It allows an individual to work in Portugal for a limited period without a full-fledged Portuguese visa.

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The first-time applicant must apply for a visa directly with the Ministry of Justice (ogo de policia). After this is approved, the applicant can then apply for a Portugal temporary residency card. This card gives the right to stay in Portugal as a tourist or for a limited period as they move to Portugal from uk. However, the Portugal temporary visa is also helpful for those who are looking forward to working in Portugal once they move to Portugal from uk. The temporary visa has been a boon to many foreigners who have arrived in Portugal looking to work and study.

As there are so many educational institutions, language teaching jobs are readily available. The situation is further improved by the fact that most companies now post their requirements on the net. This is before recruitments begin to evaluate potential workers who made their move to Portugal from uk. This makes it easier for job seekers to obtain an appointment. If a job is offered, the individual may apply straight away using the temporary visa.

Residency Visa: Residency permits are non-immigrant visa that allows tourists and immigrants to stay in Portugal for a fixed time. This is either one year or five years from when they moved to Portugal from uk.

Even for less than six months, it is feasible to obtain a residency visa in Portugal. As long as no crimes or charges against Portuguese law have been committed. UK citizens must meet one of the following conditions to be accepted for a residence visa:

• Study and research at work professional development. As well as internships and volunteer work are all options.
• Reunification of families
• Residency is fixed.

The Portugal residency visa also allows tourists and immigrants to invest in real estate in Portugal. Hence the need for uk nationals to apply for residency in Portugal.

Retirement visa: If you plan to retire in Portugal or other European countries, you must apply for and obtain a retirement visa. This visa caters to those who want to live in Portugal for the long term. This is not the same as an immigrant visa where you can work and live permanently in the country, but this visa allows you to retire in Portugal once you decide to move to Portugal from uk.

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You can get the relevant information from the Portugal visa office. An important note about obtaining retirement visas. Some countries will not grant you a retirement visa if you are over 65 years of age, have any criminal record, or have severe physical impairment.

Even then, you might qualify for a retirement visa as the government has to consider your health and income. This is when deciding whether you should be granted a retirement visa. Before you move to Portugal from uk, you will also have to show that you will use the pension given to you.

Golden Visa: The Portugal Golden Visa is a visa scheme by the government of Portugal Which grants permanent residency to people who make investments worth at least € 500,000 or buy a property. Or create ten employments opportunities within Portugal.

The Portugal golden visa makes it easier than ever to come and go as you are eligible to stay in Portugal for an unlimited amount of time. This means habitual residents nhr opportunities and choose precisely where they want to go and when you want to do it. You can

Requirements for A National Visa


You will also be asked to provide various more papers, including the following for visa application:

• A passport or other travel document that is valid for 90 days after the specified stay has ended.
• Two identical passport photos
• A return ticket, for example, is a type of transportation document.
• Valid travel insurance that covers all medical expenditures is required.
• • A document granting Immigration and Border Services access to the criminal records of Portuguese citizens (SEF).
• Clean criminal record in the United Kingdom or at least proof that the case has been resolved before planning to move to Portugal from uk.
• Have a declaration of responsibility signed by a Portuguese citizen or foreign national. You can also use legitimately resident in the area to prove that you have enough money for your vacation.

Visa Application Process


1. Collect all the required documents and make an appointment online.

2. Visit the Portugal Consulate When applying to move to Portugal from uk. At the Portuguese Consulate in London, UK citizens can apply for Portugal’s national visas, including temporary stay and residency visas.

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To apply, you must fill out and submit an application form, which may be obtained on the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. It will take less time if you apply from your own country. You should be able to apply within one day. The same is true if you have applied using a UK visa service. Otherwise, it might take longer.

3. Fill in the form and submit the required documents. When filling out the application form, you must remember to include all your details. This includes personal name, nationality, and residence address.

This information is taken from the application form that you filled out at the port of departure. You cannot submit false information, and this will automatically result in your application being rejected.

4. Follow Up: After your documents are submitted for consideration, you will get a status notification. You will have to wait for the next 30 days to complete the procedure. During this period, you will have an opportunity to appear before the consuls to review your documents. If you find any mistakes in the papers, you should correct them before presenting them for review. Otherwise, the procedure will be denied.

5. Feedback: Finally, they will give you approval after the review of your documents. If the procedure is approved, then the visas will be issued. However, if the process is denied, you have to submit an appeal against the decision within 90 days from the date of approval.

When applying for a visa to Portugal, you must make sure that you follow the correct steps and procedures. To some, the visa application process can be very confusing. Many people find that they have already done the hard work of preparing for their visa application. This means that if you are unable to follow the procedures. Or, if you are not happy with the result you get, you should seek professional guidance to help you.

This can be done either in person, through the internet, or by speaking to a lawyer or a Portugal visa specialist. If you seek professional guidance when applying for a Portugal visa. You should ensure that you choose a well-established company with a good reputation.

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Accommodation for UK Nationals

Housing in Portugal is relatively affordable, especially when compared to other Western European countries. According to reports, a two-bedroom apartment in the Algarve or Lisbon will cost between €105,000 and €180,000. The average price per square meter in this area is €1,150.

If you have decided to rent an apartment or villa, it is a good idea to find out the rules and regulations about renting in Portugal before you move in. It may not be possible to have your own house or flat when you move to Portugal.

So you need to find someone to rent your property. If you plan to live in a rented apartment or villa, renting a house with at least three bedrooms is a good idea. This will give you enough space to cook your food. And it also allows you to use the kitchen in case you run into problems while on your travels.

House prices have drastically fallen in recent years in Portugal, and finding a cheap property should not be too difficult. Look for apartments or villas advertised in the right places. Some property owners will advertise in areas far from the center of Portugal.

Staying in a self-catering apartment or villa is another alternative if you plan to move to Portugal from uk. These are very popular with tourists because they are usually located within easy access to tourist attractions.

They are often cheaper than apartments because they are fully furnished. While you may not pick and choose your kitchenware, you can buy a complete range of kitchenware from the store that you rent the apartment from. The rent you pay will usually be a lot lower than that of a hotel or an apartment.

This is because you are not paying for all of the same things you would if you were staying in a hotel. However, you may find that you cannot find a similar apartment or villa in the area you are looking for, making self-catering apartments a more popular choice for those looking to relocate to Portugal.

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British citizens who work or receive money there face the possibility of being subjected to some local taxes. These taxes are levied according to the law and are collected by the Portuguese authorities. In addition to direct taxes, there are also many indirect taxes that British expats in Portugal are expected to pay, such as food taxes and import duties.

Most British expats report these taxes to the Citizens Information Bureau in the UK, stating their residence within the country and the amount they must pay. In addition to informing the authorities, expats need to keep track of when they spent the money to apply for a refund.

In addition to taxes for British expats in Portugal, many tourists do not realize they need to pay certain taxes on imported goods. These taxes are sometimes collected by the tourist authorities in Britain but can be collected by the tourist at the point of purchase.

This is if they are aware of the tax rules. The British embassy in Lisbon has provided help for many British expats looking to travel to Portugal. The British Embassy in Lisbon can even help an expat get a tax refund on any taxes paid in the country.

Healthcare System for UK Citizens in Portugal

Portugal’s healthcare system for UK expats is pretty good. The healthcare system is pretty good, considering that the Brits only made up about a fifth of the population of Portugal at the time of the war. As you may be aware, the Brits have always had a great dislike for the Portuguese.

This is not necessarily directed at the Portuguese themselves but rather the British, who have always had an inferiority complex. As it turns out, Portugal’s health-care system for UK expats is pretty good considering that it is a much smaller country than the UK.

Many smaller countries provide much better health care than Portugal. As a resident of Portugal, health care coverage is not something that you need to worry about, even though it is not included in your permanent health insurance plan (HICP). You can change your plan whenever you like, one of the significant benefits of being an expatriate. Any health care system does not tie you down in your home country.

Conclusion about move to Portugal from UK

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Portugal is a great place to live in terms of culture and tradition, and if you are looking for an experience that will give you a taste of new life and new culture, then Portugal is just right for you. Also, the weather in Portugal is temperate and pleasant most of the year, so you will not face any cold problems during your stay. Being one of the most livable countries globally, Portugal has a rich cultural heritage with a history that spans centuries and is a melting pot of various ethnic groups and influences. Therefore, you will have access to a world-class healthcare system and social services, good schools and colleges, low cost of living, low crime rates, and access to safe cities with low crime rates as well. Together, these factors can help you rejuvenate your life and make your transition to a new life smooth and easy.

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      We can help you through the whole process but as you know the golden visa in Portugal has been cancelled. Now it is only available the golden visa in spain.

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